Looking after your beauty

Remember that you must look after your 'axe' or it'll all end in tears, so take a gander at the following ways of cleaning and maintaining your beauty.

A pad saver looks like a feather duster and the idea is, every time you finish playing, you carefully place it in the main body and jig it up and down slightly so it mops up and absorbs your moisture. The pad saver should then be removed to allow it to dry out. Use a neck saver for the crook so air can flow through easily; the free-flow of air is crucial to your sound. Use the little Mouse for the mouthpiece.

44_2 reed stink 44_1 padsaver

When you have stopped playing, carefully slip the reed off the mouthpiece and wipe the kilo of spit from it, and then rub the reed on a table. Place it carefully in your reedguard. Keeping the reed flat extends its life.

Once a month, wash the mouthpiece with lukewarm soapy water to get rid of any nasty germs. Please do do this, as Mark Archer, Blowout Sax’s founder and director found out to his cost…
“Once I taught a little kid who never did, and when I went to replace his reed there was a nauseating smell like sick and it was truly one of life's more revolting moments.”
So to avoid that unpleasant odour, always clean it and dry it until it is bone dry.

If you want to buff up your sax, as a general rule it's simple spit and rub, getting into the nooks by using cotton buds.


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