Specialize is an area where we demonstrate the versatility of styles that each of the Blowout Sax books and teachers possess. There is a brief synopsis of each book written. Included too are a dozen keys areas for students to learn from the many legends of the saxophone from Blowout Saxology.

4 teachers

Each teacher has identified the areas where they are musically strong so any potential student has the opportunity to think through who would be the best person to teach them.

To conclude there are some top tips from The Blowout Sax teachers and some invaluable facts on options when making the exciting change of tone which is buying a quality mouthpiece.


 Blowout Sax Books Synopsis

  Saxology - Wisdom From the Greats

 Mark Specialist in Recording Sax Students

 Craig The Specialist

 Stan The Specialist

 Berry The Specialist

 Top Saxophone and Musical Tips

 How Mouthpieces Achieve Certain Tones