Top Music and Saxophone Tips


‘Let your ear be the judge’

‘Quality not quantity of notes.’

‘Keep It Simple.’ (KISS)

‘In music there isn’t any right nor wrong just what’s right to you.’

Stan Scottisms.

You can't play what you can't hear so if you don't hear it don't play it.

Fingers follow ears.

Yuh gotta fall in love with your sound.

It's never too late to begin, especially when you've been doing it a long, long time.

In tunes, as in life, complicated is easy, simple is hard.

Want a challenge? Play the silence between the end of one note and the beginning of the next.

You're a part of the band especially when you're not playing.

If you don't play your sound, who's gonna?

Play it like you stole it, then steal it some more.

Your sound comes from the dark side - same as dreams.


On live performance...checl out his top live tips in his teacher section.

Know how to communicate with your rhythm section.


It might surprise some of you amateurs out there but us professionals have to practice too. The worst thing is turning up to a gig under prepared when everyone else is on point. Once again, at the least embarrassing and at the worst you might not get a call from them again for a gig!


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