Run Your Own Blowout Sax School

The Blowout Sax School is a one off in the saxophone world today, with over 180 students who regularly come and learn the sax. It is open to anyone who wants to learn the sax.

After twenty two years of running The Blowout Sax School we are now looking to expand and are offering licensing opportunities to saxophonists worldwide who wish to run their very own Blowout Sax School.

May we say that the key ingredient to you success is your personality and interest in people.

If you ‘fit’ our personality profile, for your financial outlay You would receive the A to Z of running and marketing a successful Blowout Sax School. (Mark went to International business schools before setting up Blowout Sax!)

Included too are the 60 original Blowout books with a well-defined and proven route.

Access to one of the biggest libraries of backing tracks and original jamtracks written by Archer and his various accomplices like Gypie Mayo on forthcoming site :

Finally, included are the chord charts for the band so when you have your own Blowout Sax gigs it will ease your path with the fellow musicians.

And last but not least the regular mentoring of Mark Archer.