Buddy and Group Sesssions

Before Blowout Sax gigs, we often pair up students to have buddy sessions so students can get together, work on solos, work on tighting up their themes, add and co-ordinate stabs and make being on a stage a pleasure.
8_1_e Buddy Workshops 8_1_c Buddy Workshops
This develops a ‘relaxed concentration’ with knowing who you are on stage with and allows student saxophonists to exhibit their real skills.
We have often got fathers and sons, daughters and mums on stage together.
8_1_d Buddy Workshops
Check out the performance of Tommy Rocksteady after a big group session. Often the students first performance on stage is a group track.

Equally you can see the value of group sessions in the powerful live performances by students of and ‘Soul Power‘ and ’Pick Up The Pieces.’ See below:

Soul Power

Pick Up The Pieces

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