The Ethos & the Journey


2_1_1_Natalie_Cottrell Test - The ethos of the Blowout Sax approach is that learning should be quick, easy and maximum fun. No musical knowledge is required. We even supply a saxophone so you can find out if it's for you!

'Making music is about finding an instrument that you love and then enjoying it.'

If you want to play the sax we can teach you the spine-tingling Baker Street riff or the sublime Pink Panther theme in no time at all.

Blowout_Book_Revolutionary_Approach.jpg The revolutionary Blowout Sax approach brings supremely quick results. Many Blowout Sax students perform at weddings (see Love Sax - Students Who Played Sax At Their Own Weddings) and/or parties within weeks of starting their lessons to the delight and surprise of friends and family.

We have over twenty years of comprehensive experience of teaching the saxophone. Whatever you want to play we will have it covered.
In the Blowout Sax approach you don't have to learn to read the music notation but you do get to play by ear in a method that works for players of all ages.
As founder Mark Archer says: 'You are never too young or too old. You start when you're ready then it is just a matter of taking it as far as you want.'
ANYONE can learn the saxophone. All you need is the desire to learn. We supply the rest.

Fresh Kickstart
We also have a brilliant track record in taking on students who are self-taught or who have had lessons in the past and have 'hit a wall' in their playing.
The Blowout Sax School can recharge a student with a fresh kickstart. New student Steve Amor said recently 'I learnt more from Mark Archer at Blowout Sax in a 45 minute session than 6 months reading all the other books.'

The Blowout Sax method is based on logical, simple steps all of which are outlined clearly and entertainingly in Mark's book The Blowout Sax: A Revolutionary Approach

For those who have the fundamentals it's a question of injecting some fire back into your saxophone performance. You can follow on from The Blowout Sax with any one of a unique series of Blowout Sax books detailing popular musical styles.
There are books (with accompanying CDs) on Classic Pop Sax, on 60's Soul, on Blues, on Ska and Reggae, on 50's Honkers and Screamers, on Funk, on Latin, on African Soul Makossa and many more (See - The Blowout Sax books . We cover all the major musical areas in which this most versatile instrument can be involved.

You can also get your friends to buy you lesson vouchers for Christmas and Birthday presents.
Over the years we have had Fathers and Sons, Daughters and friends, even Husband and Wife - Contact us to start today or to buy Gift of Sax vouchers.

From the Bath Evening Chronicle
'Teaching Joys of the Sax'

'You are never too old to learn the sax. The Blowout Sax revolutionary way teaching book gets you learning quickly without having to read a musical note. So if you love the sax or are interested in any way - You can play.'

'You start when you are ready and then the Blowout Sax teacher and books can take you as far as you wish to go!'

'The Blowout Sax way is about enjoying the sax while you learn.'

Venue article - 'Blow Your Own.'
'Anyone who wants to come along, from don't need a sax, you can just have a go and see if it's for you. We rent them and sell them depending on where you want to go with it, but at least you know it's for you.'

'The philosophy behind the Blowout Sax School is that students learn faster if they have a passion for the instrument. The idea is to get as many people as possible playing the sax. Second, we make sure it's maximum laughs. Music's about enjoying it, not being stuck there doing something rigid.'

'Students play completely by ear, so straight away we cut out all that rigid stuff that puts people off. We start you getting your notes to sound beautiful and then get you learning tunes immediately so you can be showing off to your friends in a couple of lessons playing 'Ain't No Sunshine,'Baker Street', Careless Whisper' and 'Pink Panther'. The whole approach is about discovering the music that lies within you and we take you on your own musical journey. To be true to you.'

'It's about developing skills you never thought you had.'

The performance aspect of Blowout Sax is a highlight where over 70 students can show off their new-found skills, backed by the Blowout Sax teachers and the very best in top session musicians that have included legendary the Mercury award winners 'Get The Blessing' drummer Clive Deamer and Jim Barr both of Portishead, and on trumpet Pete Judge. .

To see some of our Blowout Sax School gigs type Blowout Sax on its very own Blowout Sax Channel.

'Students will be playing the widest variety of styles pop jazz blues and soul ..classic party tunes..We give students the incredible experience of playing live: it gives learning a focus, a goal. All the Blowout Sax gigs are massive sellouts having developed from about 20 students getting up to over 65..and over the years we have had some incredible finales like Deckchair..but for this gig we will have the most memorable sight of 25 saxs playing Can Can - Bad Manners style - It will blow the roof off. It will be carnage. It will be hilarious. Most of all it will be fun, man, that's always the thing.'

THIS COULD BE YOU..most of these students could not play a note on the sax before they came to The Blowout Sax.

See many other great performances by Blowout Sax students at the Blowout Sax Channel

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