History of Blowout Sax

The smallest and only public saxophone school in the world started 21 years ago in 1989 in North Parade in a flat next to the Deaf School.

Having been self-taught as all the saxophone teachers he met and phoned before arriving in Bath seemed too staid so Mark self-taught himself through ferocious reading, listening and putting in some big 'woodshedding' hours playing. This led to his innovative approach to learning his beloved saxophone. With his jazz cartoon covered 2CV, Mark quickly created a strong student base in Bath and in 1993 The Blowout Sax went public moving into the North Lodge, North Parade .

I teach the way I wish someone had taught me.

marc 2 sax.jpg 3_1_Blowout_School

The Blowout Sax continued establishing itself as the centre to learn saxophone and the upturn came with the move to the drier and sunnier South Lodge (with garden) which took place in 1998 coinciding with the arrival of Craig Crofton and since then the Blowout Sax School has further grown in reputation and stature and size.

The lessons are fun, not traditional and a lot of our students consider them to be a great stress-buster and a release from the hectic pressure of life.

Mark Archer Blowout Sax Interview 2000

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