Blowout Sax Books - The Book List

This is a current list of all the Blowout Sax books.
They have all been compiled because of a thirst to learn and know more about all the different saxophonists and musical styles that this incredible instrument can play.

(AS-Alto sax..TS-Tenor sax)
  • Teaching Book - Blowout Sax, A Revolutionary Approach to Playing the Saxophone.
  • Blowout Late And Spiritual Sax. AS/TS
  • Blowout The Greatest Pop Sax. AS/TS
  • Blowout Solo Sax. AS/TS
  • Blowout Honkers Swingers And Screaming Sax AS/TS
  • Blowout Supergroovy 60's Sax Baby Yeah AS/TS
  • Blowout The King Of Soulsax AS/TS
  • Blowout Blue Sax Part 1 .. AS/TS
  • Blowout Blue Sax Part 2... AS/TS
  • Blowout The Kings Of Jamaican Sax AS/TS
  • Blowout The Saxperimentalists AS/TS
  • Blowout Smooth Operators.. AS
  • Blowout Sax Tenor Titans .. TS/AS
  • Blowout The Pure The Beautiful And The Poet Of Sax Sounds.. AS/TS
  • Blowout The Soulsax Brothers.. AS/TS
  • Blowout The Pink Panther Sax Sound.TS/AS
  • Blowout Sax Epics. AS
  • Blowout The Grandpappys Of Boogaloo And Soul Makossa Sax AS
  • Blowout Fat Funk Sax. AS/TS
  • Blowout The Sopranos Sax.. TS/AS
  • Blowout Wild Cool Swingin’ Big Horn Sax. AS/TS
  • Blowout Motown SoulSax AS/TS
  • Blowout Two Tone Sax AS/TS
  • Blowout Sax Madmen
  • Blowout Saxology

New books

Currently Mark is compiling material for three new books:~
Blowout The Art Of The Superhigh Altissmo Sax.

Blowout The King Of The Jukebox Blues Sax, Louis Jordan has been a hero of mine since I was a teenager and felt it was time to take him on. Interesting and challenging.

Blowout Sax World Tour
Looking at saxophone players who have imprinted their own country's musical genre on the sax.

Any saxophone players out there who can point me in any other directions that would be most welcome.

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