15 Top Tips to Improve Your Live Perfromances
Well 16 top tips actually, you get a bonus one!
  • Know your songs/melodies inside out and absorb the lyrics for greater insight.
  • On stage, move about looking for the 'Sweet Spot', where the sax projects better, and the sound is more friendly.
  • Move around the stage when the music is lively. With the advent of with clip-on sax microphones this is easier. Maybe sit down to look super cool for the slow ballads.
  • Have the showman look e.g. glasses, hat, groovy shoes etc.
  • Have a trademark signature way of saying 'Thanks' whether with words or a way of holding out the sax.
  • For dance gigs cajole/bully an audience to dance. Tell an audience to enjoy themselves and they will.
  • Try starting a gig by walking on through the audience playing and maybe leave that way too.
  • Have a band of musicians who inspire you and you them.
  • Try to get into a trance so you feel the notes coming out of the sax in a 'natural' way.
    Try to develop a relaxed concentration. If you really know the song's melody and have it under your fingers you can really enjoy yourself and let it go! Don't play the saxophone let it play you!
  • If you make a mistake ignore it and remember only you are analyzing your performance. Never wince or acknowledge it.
  • During rehearsal, record all different takes so that you can analyze your performance and improve your playing. The better you rehearse the more you can enjoy the gig.
  • When playing live mix up musical styles, so the audience can't guess what's coming next.
  • Play what you think people will understand and be melodic. Keep your ears close to your heart.'
  • When accompanying singers, the idea is to make them look good.
  • If you wanna be a showman/woman, during a gig play from a couch, standing or even lying on your back. During certain songs walk in and out of the audience playing too.
  • Your music and your sax are unique: they are you, your character. So, be individual, and be true to yourself .

P.S. Have Some Fun!





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